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Thread: Cant use my Ipod 30gb 5th gen. Why? =(

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    Cant use my Ipod 30gb 5th gen. Why? =(

    Hello everyone, I have an 5th gen Ipod Video 30gb. And by the compatibility list here (USB Devices Compatibility List - WikiTemp) it should work fine as an hdd, but i tried everything and I cant make it work.

    When I try to run a USB Loader with an SD card and the iPod pluged in, the system just freezes at splash screen (using CFG or GX loaders).
    And when I try using CFG without the SD card on it, I just get an "Exception (ISI) Occurred" error, with tons of codes on it.

    I have already tried formating it to WBFS with WBFS Manager 3.0 and Wii Backup Manager. Have also tried using it as Fat32 (with wbfs folder in it), and nothing works.
    And yes, all the time tried in Disc Mode (also enabled disc use with iTunes).

    Am I doing something wrong ?
    May the problem be really with my iPod ?

    Ps: I can run the USB Loader normally with my 2gb Kingston USB Drive, the problem is that I need a drive with more disk space (for obvious reasons) and I am fear buying another external drive and cant make that one working neither.
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