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Thread: how to converting wbfs to iso?

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    how to converting wbfs to iso?

    I have all my games backed up to my external hard drive. My hard drive is in fat32 format. I am trying to back my games up to disks also. I have backed some up sucessfully by ripping the disks but some of my disks are very scratched and will not rip correctly. So I am trying to take the wbfs file from the hard drive and convert it to an iso so that i can copy it to disk. I tried wii backup manager but whenever i try to convert to iso, it does not show any iso file in the destination i selected. I have even formatted a flash drive to wbfs format and tried to transfer the iso to it but it still does not show up. Can anybody help me with this problem please? Thank you

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    If you use wbfs manager, just pick what game and hit extract and it will extract as an iso.

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    nothing shows up in wbfs manager. My file system of the hard drive where the games are is fat32 not wbfs

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    you either did not read my original post or you have no idea what you are talking about. I am using wii backup manager

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    actually that guide does not fix the issue, I read 2 other different tutorials very similar to that already. The problem is when i try to convert to iso, it converts the file but when it is finished the file is not showing up for some reason. like there is no file there, and there is not an iso there. But i thank you for trying to help me anyway. I have figured out a work around. Thank you

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    yeah, i got it to work. But it is not as simple as picking the wbfs file and transfering it as an iso to a destination. I tried that numerous times and like i said for some reason the iso does not show up.


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