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Thread: Cant load any games with USB Loader ! (tons of problems with that actually)

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    Unhappy Cant load any games with USB Loader ! [PROBLEM SOLVED]

    Ok, problem solved. I already got what was going wrong, and it was really incompatibility.
    I got here a 2gb Kingston Data Traveler, that was confirmed working on USB Compatibility List Thread, and everything just runs perfectly good... sadly this pen drive is just 2gb, I will have to buy a different one, or try reformatting and using my ipod.


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    How about giving us a Syscheck of your wii so we can see what IS installed as opposed to what should be. You may want to see if your drive is compatible too.

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    Thanks, here is my syscheck, that I just made:


    About the compatibility I took a look there already, I have thought about the possibility, but have nothing there saying mine is not compatible, and also, like I said the same error was give to my ipod and also to my sd card when trying using cfg usb loader.


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