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Thread: Great website you have here; hello from !

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    Great website you have here; hello from !

    I was debating on which place to post a hello... seems that 'visiting staff from other sites' would be more appropriate since I run a tiny gaming site for my World of Warcraft friends... on it we have discussed things like Wii hacking - but only one one or two tiny references...

    This site has a lot of great info. I wanted to thank those responsible for making it work... I know how much effort goes into making a site work - I can only imagine how many thousands of hours people have dedicated to make this place run...

    I look forward to asking questions and posting info that will help the community...

    See you around.

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    Welcome to

    Thank you for becoming a member of the best Wii modding site there is!

    Firstly it is recommended that you read the forum rules and abide by them as best you can.

    Before posting a question.Doing a simple search will help you find your answer!

    Read the Ultimate Searching Guide to perfect your search.

    Now let's get you softmodded!

    WiiHacks Recommended Softmod Guide!

    Mauifrogs Softmod Any Wii [Guide]

    But before you softmod, you might want to read this

    Thinking about hacking a wii? Start here! [A basic introduction to Wii hacking]
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    We also have a Hot Topics Forum where you will find the latest and most talked about guides & topics. LookHERE

    If you are having trouble with certain problematic games below are some helpful Guides!

    Krank's Call of Duty: Black Ops [Guide]

    Davepm Monster Hunter Tri [Guide]
    Ithian's Super Mario Galaxy 2 [Guide]
    Davepm New Super Mario Bros Wii [Guide]
    Emuhack's Metroid Other M [Guide]
    Narse1979 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Guide]

    Or take a look at our Ultimate List of Troublesome Games and their Solutions.

    Wanna play all your backups of a HDD

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    Enjoy your stay!
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    Nice pre made set of info - I have one kind of like that for my site also... Installed a BOT that can auto reply to people and post it... - (also have another mod that auto PMs all new forum members with general forum rules kind of like that)

    well organized group here lol

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    = I posted a new topic in the beginners forum - and it has not been approved yet... is there something I was supposed to do to help speed the process along? This seems to be the only place I can actually POST...


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    iv just had a look at that post and its a bit all over the place maybe tidy it up a bit make it readable then re post it in the same place you posted the last one

    thats wy its probably been ignored as its a wall of txt not a guide

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    Thanks for the reply; Thanks to Shift_Lock I have access to the post -

    I had hoped to get feedback and answers from others with more experience - and then I was going to edit it at the end...

    What happened was I had attempted to use plain text - with simple 'hit the enter key' spacing - and I used various brackets and other symbols in my post -- these symbols must have been improperly translated as an attempt to use BB code and therefore my post got all screwed up looking... I'll use msWord and try the 'paste from Word' feature to see if it improves... I'll also use 'preview post' before finalizing it this round...

    (It did NOT look like a wall of text when I posted it)

    Merry xmas...

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    Great topic, keep myself through looking it.


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