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Thread: 3.4 AND HOMEBREW CHANNEL with wiikey2

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    3.4 AND HOMEBREW CHANNEL with wiikey2

    i can't get homebrew channel to work on 3.4. with wiikey2. when i install
    with zelda twillight hack and i go in to the channel there is only bubbles :-(
    the inet connection logo in bottom right corner is on, so i have connection

    what to do???

    please help im going crazy.

    the problem is want to play mario super sluggers, the wiikey2 won't start it up.
    so now i wan't 3.2

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    you need a SD card, does anyone read how these things work, or are they just mindless fools who just think its magic, and theres no point....

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    i do have a sd card.... or else i can't install homebrew channel... but thanks for the kind words

    ps. im asking because no matter what i try.... theres only BUBBLES!! in my homebrew channel, i've read so many posts everywhere, and can't seem to get it to work?? maybe it's just me???

    oh and by the way admiral vic... you are a moderator, should'nt you talk at bit more friendly to people??
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    you can install it, not on 3.4, but you can, you can also use someone elses =P

    programs should be
    apps/program name/boot.dol (elfs dont work)


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