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Thread: Older Hacked Wii.....wont play zelda skyward sword.

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    Older Hacked Wii.....wont play zelda skyward sword.

    I've done plenty of searching here.....and still can't find anythimg specifically addressing my problem.

    About two years ago I bought a Wii for christmas and then hacked it. It has homebrew and I run games with usb loader. Not long after I lost interest and quit playing it.

    Now several years later I see a new zelda game and buy it. But when I go to open the game the entire Wii freezes up. I have a sneeking suspicion that the game won't play because my Wii firmware is out of date. Not sure though.

    Anyways.... I would prefer to be able to keep playing my usb loader games and be able to play skyward sword....but as i don't play the usb loader games often I would really just want to play zelda at any cost.

    Is there any hope? Am I wrong about the problem? There is no error message given....the machine just freezes and the screen goes black.

    Thank you !

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    If only we had a guide here for that game.

    And if only the noob's would make their first post here, they would know if there was a guide for that game.

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    The noob post said no techinal questions. Never thought of searching the specific game name. Lack of Intelligence on my part.


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