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Thread: Letter Bomb SD Problem

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    Letter Bomb SD Problem

    For some reason when i load my sd card in my wii and use the Letterbomb I click on the letterbomb and it loads the white letters and my wii flashes blue and doesnt so anything!! gerr i been trying for days!! Im using 4.3u and its the blue wii. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME :-(((( I DONT THINK THIS SOFTMODDING IS MENT FOR FEMALES :-(

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    How big is your sd card? And please refrain from using big letters. We can read regular sized ones just fine.

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    The problem is actually the wiimote. Getting an older wiimote will fix the problem until a new softmod update comes out!

    I suppose you have a wiimote with a red sync button on the battery cap with wii motion plus inside, those are a new revision of the wiimote. Try get a wii motion plus inside controller without that red button on the battery cap, it will work. Been there done that! Hope this helps!

    Sorry, i didn't read the thread carefully! But you'll bump into that once you get it working
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    I have the the new blue wii too, but I didn't have this problem at all. It was straight forward. I didn't need to get an old remote or anything.

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    Does your wiimote has a red sync button on the battery cover?

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    Yea it has the sync button. Maybe I don't have the right files on my SD card. Can someone please run me through this please this is gonna make me cry :-(


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