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Thread: need help......wii doesn't see files on sd card

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    need help......wii doesn't see files on sd card

    I am trying to use the mauifrog mod Any guide and I am having problems getting the wii to auto load sd card so I can get to priiloader. I modded a friends wii  few years back and I remember having the same issue but I forget how to resolve it. When I put the sd card in it shows it having used blocks but the save blocks are blank. I am almost positive the 2gb Sandisk sd card is compatible as it is the same type I used last time. I am almost certain I am having either a file structure issue or a format issue. So my first question is what should the files look like when on my sd card? And second question is what is the proper way to format sd card? the current way i have it is sd:apps(folder),private(folder),wad(folder),boot.e lf. And I have tried every way but the right way to format. I've tried panasonic and windows format tools. All different kb sizes,full erase, quick erase, and still no luck. Once I can resolve this issue I think I will be good to go on the rest of the mod. Any help in resolving this issue will be greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I am on system menu 3.1 so bannerbomb should work. I have looked at the newbie guide and it has no help regarding used blocks with blank save slots. I don't know what you mean by keep my issues to that thread, like post questions underneath the guide? I am confused. I just wanted to ask a question as to why when I put the sd card in it doesn't just auto load the hack files. I thought this was for newbie discussions. I am not trying to sound condescending but you didn't really tell me anything I that I didn't already know. I seriously thought it was okay to post a question there. Sorry for any problems I may have caused.
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    The specific exploit you need to use depends upon the system menu version. If the wii is on 4.3, for example, bannerbomb isn't going to work. Complete instructions in the mod any wii guide in my signature. Newbies guide has additional details.

    If you're using the anywii guide already, please keep your issues posted to that thread.


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