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Thread: Playing .wad's ?

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    Question Playing .wad's ?

    So is there any different process to playing a .wad file? Is this even possible with a soft modded Wii?

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    You don't play WADs, you install them (via Multi-Mod-Manager or WAD Manager).
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    Yeah I got it lol thanks

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    Soo how stupid of an idea would it be to try and install / play old nes .wad's that are supposedly pal and not ntsc? is this a brick waiting to happen? i do have priiloader and a nand back up ...

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    Look into nand emulation. Installing wads of unknown origin is not recommended. Nand backup will help, but will only be self-serve (i.e. you can fix yourself) if you have really old white wii with bootmii installed as boot2.

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    gotcha, ill look into it thanks


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