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Thread: Do I need to keep IOS and cIOS wads on SD after hacking Wii 4.3e?

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    Do I need to keep IOS and cIOS wads on SD after hacking Wii 4.3e?

    Hello All

    Successfully followed the hacking guide and installed the cIOS's and IOS's.

    Do I need to keep these wads on the SD card as I'd like to save a bit of space if I could?

    Oh, I also backed up my NAND and keys before modding. But then misplaced them. After installing IOS 202, I made another backup of the NAND and keys. I have priiloader installed. Have I screwed things up in the event that I brick my Wii?

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    You do not need to keep all the IOS and cIOS on your sd card. And the second nand backup you made is fine.

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    I've been panicking looking everywhere for the original NAND backups!

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    Stick with wiihacks advice and you should never need them. However. Use preloader and keep your NAND safe on your pc or HDD backup. You never know when you may get the urge to tinker..........


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