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Thread: Can you burn a scrubbed iso?

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    Can you burn a scrubbed iso?

    Sorry for bothering with such a simple question, but searching didn't give me any reliable, or at least recent, results. Please, anyone know about this? Thanks in advance.

    And regardless of what the answer might be, is it the same with double layered games?

    (And I certainly hope this is the right section to ask for this. Really sorry if it isn't.)

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    You burn like you do any other iso. IMGburn is a great free program. Many wii games are VERY small and the other data that brings it to 4.7GB is junk 0's added to fill the empty space. When you burn a scrubbed game it adds the 0's automatically even if the game is only 500mb. Dual layer discs require a layer break code but there are very few (maybe 5) wii games that are dual layer. Good luck!

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    Really? So that means that once I burn them they regain the scrubbed info and become unscrubbed just like they were originally? Interesting.

    And I ask because DL discs are pretty expensive where I live, and screwing one up is a crime against my wallet. I successfully burned Brawl once, sure, and using ImgBurn indeed (2.4, NOT 2.5). But I was wondering because I'd rather store the game as Wbfs instead of Iso because of... well Wbfs is just more comfortable. Would keep it as Wbfs bring any consequence for this particular game, particularly when choosing to burn it? Sorry for being stubborn but... yeah... expensive... >_>
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    Iv'e never seen an option on IMG Burn to burn from wbfs. Yes they are smaller files to store but once you have ripped your games to USB wbfs file on HDD why would you want to make disc backups ??????????

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    I just meant that whenever I needed to burn them, I could just wbsf > iso > burn. I know turning them to wbfs scrubs them, so I was being redundant there. Sorry about the confusion. The question in short is still the what if I burn a scrubbed iso. But that was already answered (it would sooth me if I could hear it from more people though), so nevermind that. Thanks junkmail for the info.

    Or better yet, how much from the whole-sized Iso can I remove without making it "unburnable". So I do have a new question now: Can I remove the Update partition or any partition of any kind, without making the image unburnable? And does this apply to DL games too? I remember reading people had trouble burning Metroid Prime Trilogy when it was altered in any way, but that was a long time ago, I don't know if the same circumstances stand.

    And Grandpa1959, because not everyone I know has that much spare space in their USB Drive for a single 7GB game, so burning that one game is a good option (also because Brawl mods are easier to run with the backup disc). But that's irrelevant.


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