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Thread: Got a new Wii.

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    Got a new Wii.

    Posted this in another thread, but I didn't introduce myself.

    Just wanted to know if I soft modded my system if it breaks my ability to play games I buy online, and if Nintendo's eShop will still work? I'm only interested in modded my system for emulation.

    I read a post that I can't find at the moment, but it said that I needed to add a bunch of hacks just to run a game I own. Is that true? Or is it for ISO/backup loaded games? It said that I needed to install a bunch of IOS's (which I'm not willing to do) just to run the game I wanna play. The game in question is Monster Hunter 3 Tri, and I bought it to play online.

    Ha! I found it:
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    You should have left you wii in its stock form if you didnt want to add anything.. soft modded wii's need to have IOS updated to play newer originals since the games are IOS dependent. Hence why some games ask you to update the system, Which in turn kills your softmod. Updating your IOS is necessary if you want to play your newer original games. cIOS are used to run backup/apps/homebrew stuff.. You will need those as well and keep them up to date.

    And yes.. everything works.. online and all.

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