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Thread: Use the force? IOS249?

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    Use the force? IOS249?

    I've got Call of Duty burned to a DVD and the disk asks me to system upgrade - I'm a little nervous to do this (my Wii has a Wassabi v2 chip).

    I've also got the game on a hard drive, I've got Home Brew and USB Loader GX (ver 1.0). My Wii is running 4.3e.

    Someone said I need to 'force ios 249' - is there a easy guide on how to do this?

    I am a noob but can follow instructions...

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    Sounds like you need to update your softmod.
    But to address your problem, you need to install
    priiloader and block online and disc updates.

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    Thanks, I'll do the priiloader tonight.

    I'm on USB Loader GX, v1.0 and the latest version is 2.3. Is there a way I can update using the Wii connected online?

    Will I need to update anything on the SD card?

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