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Thread: PS Vita Rowboat Capsizes in the Atlantic, Rowers Rescued

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    PS Vita Rowboat Capsizes in the Atlantic, Rowers Rescued

    Two guys named Tom who were trying row a boat called the PS Vita across the Atlantic Ocean as part of a month-long race were rescued today after their boat sank eight days into their journey.
    Tom Sauer and Tom Fancett blogged today—yes, they blogged today—that they floated in a lifeboat for 10 hours overnight after a wave flipped their PS Vita boat and sent their dreams to the ocean floor. Here's Sauer:
    At apr 8.00 pm last night (dec 13) Tom and myself were just changing places. The ocean was quite calm. We were in great spirits after the first 8 days in the race. Suddenly our boat was rocked by an enormous wave-
    the size of which we've never seen before.

    Our boat was thrown over and capsized. The cabin flooded. We desperately tried to turn the boat back up again- but to no avail.
    In fact our PSVita/teamtom boat started to sink.
    We managed to get the life raft and life jackets out during some very nervous
    and difficult moments. We entered the life raft and saw our dream literally sink
    in the Ocean. We floated for about ten hours in the night on the life raft until we were rescued by the Crystal Cruise Ocean Liner.
    We are obviously very disappointed but at the first place very happy to be alive and very grateful to our rescuers.

    We're happy they're safe, and, honestly wouldn't have seen this story if not for the name of the boat. We do like the Vita and don't think this augurs anything for the system. But here's to two guys who tried to do something extraordinary. Stupid wave.

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    It was an act of GOD! lol! a sign for playstation... the water was calm but then a huge wave outta nowhere?? if you got Sony stock you better start selling!!!!

    Did I come off like a jerk?? Read more here



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