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Thread: Nintendo to fix Skyward Sword game-breaking bug

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    Nintendo to fix Skyward Sword game-breaking bug

    To offer a downloadable game save fix in Japan.

    Nintendo will release a program to fix Zelda game saves in which a bug has prevented the player from finishing the game.In an unusual move for Nintendo the program will be released as a download, with the problematic save to be patched by the downloaded app. Alternatively, Nintendo is asking those who don't have an internet connection to send off an SD card containing the save so it can be fixed and returned.
    Currently the save fix has only been detailed in Japan and it's not clear if a similar fix will be offered in the US and Europe.

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    Sweet. I was hoping they would do something before I got to that stage lol.
    Not that I've had time to play it lately. Christmas is always busy lol.


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