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Thread: need help:'( I can't seem to think of an actual thread title

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    need help:'( I can't seem to think of an actual thread title

    I softmoded my 4.2e wii with BootMii and it worked well until i tried to update via internet and cut it durring the progress. And now everytime i turn my wii on, i can only gey to the preeloader. Is it something i can do to get my system menu? anyone?...

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    Can you get into homebrew from priiloader? If you can follow the softmod any wii guide in the spoiler below from the part (softmods with homebrew channel installed)

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    Yes i can get into preeloader and HBC. Wich spoiller do you mean? i cannot find on the forum.. Thank you so much anyway for the reply.

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    he means to click where it says 'click here for spoon feeding' in his message post.

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    Click on the Softmod ANY Wii link in my signature. Scroll down a little bit until you see the spoiler titled "Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed" and use those instructions (follow the rest of the guide, too).
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