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Thread: Same story as a few people...

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    Same story as a few people...

    Hi guys,

    I accidently and stupidly updated the DSi XL firmware to 1.4.3. Now that message comes up, 'Error has occurred...' It was working finely before. Is there any tips to get it back working other than.

    *Buying a new card
    *Getting a DS with a lower firmware and updating it.

    I've heard of these update files. That when you boot up your DS, it goes to the menu of the card and you can update it. Is there anything like this?

    Thanks in advance,

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    u need to use another ds on lower firmware to fix it there is no other way also it depends on what card u have.

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    What card do you have.... Yeah i made this mistake and had to go to a buddy house to update the INTERNALS of my card...

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    I have a R4i SDHC Upgrade with a 1.4.1 box on the front

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    you will need to get another card as thats just for 1.4.1 firmware
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    Could I update the internals of the card like emuhack explained? Or is the card bogus.

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    he means taking your cart and putting it in another DS with lower firmware so you can update the flash cart itself


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