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Thread: Yellow light.....semi-bricked Wii?

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    Yellow light.....semi-bricked Wii?

    I'm posting this here because I think it's a bricked issue but am unsure at this point...

    Today I updated COD MW3 so my kids could play online. After the update when you power down the Wii (manually or via HBC) it goes to a yellow light and you have to hard boot it to completely shut it off. Everything else seems to work fine, all the games play ok, I have access to all system menus.... I've just never seen that light before and don't really like having to hold the power button for 10 seconds to power down...

    Do you think I need to redo my mod....I have the Priiloader & bootmii installed, I have backups of my keys & nand bin. Also I would like to know what I did wrong....My Wii is at 4.3U, I used the letterbomb exploit, I just recently redid it (a week ago) so I believe it has all the current IOSs. When I first went to update COD, I had to enable the shopping channel and then it updated fine....Connect 24 has been and is disabled

    TIA for any help or suggestions....

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    I would recheck the wii connect 24. That keeps the wii in standby or yellow light.

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    I checked that and could've sworn it was off.........Thank you...........that took care of it.....

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    yea a yellow light means connect24 is on if it doesnt power on like mine did but with a yellow light, then unplug the wii completely (from wall and wii) then wait for like 15 mins then plug it back in


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