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Thread: Adata drive

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    Adata drive

    Hi All

    I am using CFG loader running from my HD I went and bought a new ADATA 500GB drive and copied all my files over when I connect the drive and run CFG loader it starts up and loads ios250 from the drive and then brings up the menu background but no content is displayed is there some thing I am doing wrong the fact that the wii is loading the CFG loader from the HD I peresume the HD is compatible ?

    Is there some files or ios's I need to get this to work.

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    Check to see if cfg is looking at the correct partition.

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    This drive is a clone of the 300gh that was working so everthing should be the same I was thinking that I may need to update the ios's but imusing 4.3 so do I need to update these from some where or is there an ios thats more compatible with never hard drives



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