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Thread: wii clip v2 - does not read writable DVD's anymore

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    Question wii clip v2 - does not read writable DVD's anymore


    Wondered if you could help me with this: I bought a 2nd-hand Wii which has Clip V2 + Argon chip in it.
    I have been told that it hasn't been used for about 4 or 5 months and now it doesn't read the writable DVD's anymore - only original games...
    What could have caused this? Reset of the Wii? Empty battery (button-cell battery)?

    There is also a 12 pins flatcable that is connected to the Clip - is it possible to re-install / update via this cable, to fix the problem? If yes, how can I do that?

    I would apprecate if you could hare some ideas. Thanks for your help.

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    Is the Wii updated with the latest system menu? Perhaps system menu 4.2/4.3 has something to do with this...Updates past 4.1 took away the region free ability, you must now softmod for that to work

    The Argon is updateable, but the crappy team has abandonded it...They never released a fix for the BCA protection on NSMB
    Still worth a try though I guess

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