I recently followed mauifrogs guide and successfully softmodded my wii, and can play games from my external fat32 formatted USB HDD.

I downloaded a couple of emulator dvd isos (One is N64 and the other is Sega Master System, GameGear, Genesis - MegaDrive Emulator)
and am trying to figure out how I can actually use them.

My wii is a newer one which will not read backup DVDs. I have tried using the Load disc feature from configurable usbloader, and if course it won't read the burned disc.
I tried using WiiBackupManager from my pc, and it says it's not a wii disc.

So the question is: is there any way to load these at all, short of actually replacing the DVD drive with an older one? (not worth the effort)

Or is there a homebrew emulator that I can just read the roms from my external hdd?

Thanks in advance for any answers.