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Thread: zelda skyskward not working from softmod , help needed STILL

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    Question zelda skyskward not working from softmod , help needed STILL

    now before my thread was rudley closed WITHOUT justifaction and i was directed like i am some dumb child .
    i do admit it is my fault for not clearifing the issues im having a little more in depth .
    i have already followed the guide that i was refrered to, the problem i am having with the guide is that it doesnt provide anyone with an OFFLINE solution . i do not have internet access at my home, because i live in a remote area .i only have internet access at work. the following files in the FIX94_d2x_v7_WAD_Pack.rar i have already installed them on my wii ,but i installed them under IOS 52 , which on my wii is the only one i can install wad's on .
    the guide calls for IOS 36 and IOS 58 to be used, and BOTH INSTALLERS provided in the guide requires INTERNET access to use them .
    When i try to switch to either IOS 36 or 58 for wad install ,on my wii, i get a title check error and a failed installed at the end . So i am only guessing the issue i am having is that i am in need of the a patched IOS 36 and 58 , since my installation under 52 states the wads are correctly installed ,yet i still get the same error of returning to the wii system menu when i load skyward sword....
    so here is the correct question i need help with , how do i update the IOS 36 and 58 offline and without the NUS downloader (cause it wont work either at my job ) or is there a way i can back up the IOS 36 and 58 off my other wii since they already work ?

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    If you are asking about Zelda, then you ask in the Zelda Guide!

    II. Posting Rules and Guidelines

    1. Posts themselves should be made following additional rules and guidelines:

    a) Before posting your question, use the SEARCH function. Look through the site Tutorials, Guides, and FAQs.
    b) A post should be made in the appropriate Forum or Tutorial Thread. Incorrect post or threads may either be moved to the correct area, deleted, or closed and ignored.
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    m) A specific rule of this site is that there is to be no talk of trading, selling, buying, or begging of PWN Network invitations. Violation will result in an immediate permanent ban.
    Is that sufficient justification?

    If you successfully installed the wads then it does not matter which ios you used to run the installer. You should run a syscheck and see if you have what you need in there. If you do then you must have failed at setting up your loader to use the correct cios. If you still cannot get the game to run then go to the guide thread for the game and make a post, I suggest including your syscheck in the post to speed up the process.

    I am closing this thread since it pertains to Zelda.


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