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Thread: SD Card not working anymore

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    SD Card not working anymore

    Ok so i was playing some games off my USB hard drive, working perfectly no hiccups, then i decided to transfer all of the stuff on the SD card to a flash drive and give the SD back to the person i borrowed it from. I put everything on the flash drive and plugged it in to the Wii. Everything popped up. I tried to run my N64 Emulator but it did not work. It said "unable to find "USB:/Wii64/Roms" I said "Ok, whatever, i 'll just go back to the SD card." I took out the flash drive and put the SD card back in and i still couldn't use the Wii64 Emu. But that's not what i am really concerned about. Ever since I did this, my USBLoader does not load. I click on the channel and it just sits at a black screen or sometimes restarts. This never happened before.

    Any ideas on what i did and how i fix them.

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    Fixed it. Somehow i was missing the "apps" folder from the SD card.


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