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Thread: Life after Softmod

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    Life after Softmod

    Im going to Softmod tomorrow hopefully, and was wondering about a few things:

    a) I have read up on not using game based updates to avoid a semibrick. I have also seen advice that suggested you should always use internet connection based updates to be on the safe side - contrary to this however i have seen that the ideal firmware version should be 3.2 for numerous reasons. If i update over the internet, would this not be counter intuitive? What is the definitive answer?

    b) What is the position on loading game backups? Can they be comfortably run from DVD-Rs using a backup loader through HBC? I was concerned over some posts that mentioned in most cases games may only run from an SD card, however suggest only a 2gb SD card can be used and nothing larger. Am I getting confused between Wii games and homebrew games?

    Thanks in advance.

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    hey dude,

    When you go softmod, Downgrade to 3.2, and use starfall to block updates. Certain games sometimes want updates to play, you can get around this by installing IOS' or cIOS'. Also, you don't want to upgrade after you've downgraded as yes this would be silly.....

    As for the games side of things, Use a quality dvd-r like verbatim, and when you downgrade install gamma backup loader. Note that not all games work, and some may work but still have gameplay issues or the like. Don't forget its free so you can't expect everything to work perfectly

    heres some info for you

    downgrading, this thread has all the files for you to install hbc, downgrade, install starfall and install gamma

    also check out these 2 links, they will show you what games work with some of the softmod loaders. It will give you an idea of what works and what doesn't

    Backup Launcher v3 - WikiTemp

    Wii Backup Compatibility List NTSC - Wii

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    Thats great info, thanks. As you say it is totally free so anything is a bonus i suppose. Ive got Verbatims on the way, ill get HBC and a downgrade done first before attempting to play any backups.

    I wasnt aware of the compatability list which is a hell of a bonus too, i managed to dig out the PAL version as i forgot to mention im over in the UK.

    As a final point, is using BrickBlocker the be all and end all of auto updating? Im going to be the only one downloading and running games on the system, so if were to just run this on every ISO, from the FAQs i would be pretty bulletproof?

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    Yeah, and at least then, If you forget to brickblock, you would have starfall installed and blocking updates as well

    So its a win win. As you obviously know, its bad to update out of region, and usually leaves you with a semi-brick.

    Also if you get HBC installed, you might want to check out this thread about wads


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    Heh, nice one. Theres no chance i will be updating online in this or any other country so hopefully brickblocker and starfall will be my backup for this.

    Thanks for the info mate. Im on 3.4E unfortunately, but not for long. Just waiting for my copy of Zelda to drop through the door and then the fun begins.

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    Blank media

    DVD-R & DVD+R both work fine. I burn at 8X and as long as you use a decent branded disc..never had a coaster.
    Its not much, but hope it helps

    Softmod twilight hack-ver 3.3 firmware.

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    Rather then listen to the above, Please take a look at this thread, And read part 3

    quoted from that thread

    - Record at the lowest speed possible. By putting the speed to 1X, it'll default to the slowest the disc and recorder match to.
    - No DVD+R discs. The booktype doesn't work well. Use quality DVD-R's only. (Verbatim works the best for me.)

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    As said, verbatims on the way..

    Mind you, every forum in the world said use DVD-R for the gamecube. For about a year i thought my chip was knackered, until i used Tesco cheapo DVD+R, and the thing works fine now.

    Thanks for the info man, loving this site.

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    i can verify that DVD+R's work fine. i have only tried 6-7 games but no issues burning at 4x and playing with DVD+R's. just my 2 cents for anyone that dosent want to go out and buy new discs

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    To be honest i think it changes between model issues and numbers from Nintendo, as i know people who will only have successful burns with one format, and especially with the GC you can adjust how the laser reads the disk (at the risk of short term laser burnout), but if you have the wrong media you can adjust the POT until you go blue in the face.

    As has been said, media is down to a very large amount of problems with games. I would say the rest is divided between improper mod installation and burn problems.

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