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Thread: A few questions about the capabilities of a freshly softmodded Wii

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    A few questions about the capabilities of a freshly softmodded Wii

    So i'm looking to softmod my first Wii and i've read over the numerous FAQs, Tutorials, and Guides that have been so graciously provided, however I think they left me with more questions than answers so far. Since the first rule of modding a system has always been "if you're not sure, STOP and ASK" here I am

    I just bought a brand new Wii (black mario kart bundle). Added it to my network and the update feature said no new updates were available so it looks like i'm running 4.3. I don't think i'll be getting into much hardcore homebrewing, my overall goal is to keep the Wii as vanilla as possible, but with the ability to run game back ups from a USB hard drive and install some emulators on it (obviously not to pirate games, but to enjoy my old N64/SNES/NES collection without digging out the old and rare cartridges and constantly hooking/unhooking them up to my home theatre, I apologize if emulators are too close to piracy to be mentioned on this forum, I didn't see anything specific about them in the forum rules). Ideally, I want to just have the USBloader/HBC/Emulators as channels on the regular old wii System Menu without disabling the ability to use any of the regular wii functionality (the only exceptions being the VC/Wii Store, because I wont be buying anything from them). The tutorials list all sorts of different tools and cIOS to achieve this, but don't really draw a clear picture of how they all end up working together.

    1) Is the setup I described even possible? Does the "Softmod ANY 4.3 Wii" tutorial followed exactly leave me where I want to be, or would there be some other approach or additions I'd need to make to get there?

    2) There seems to be some debate as to whether the external HD should be formatted in WBFS, FAT32, or NTFS. I'd like to go with NTFS since I want to use the drive as a multipurpose media drive as well as my Wii drive and NTFS plays nice with large files and most other devices. I really don't like splitting up my game backups into multiple files if I dont have to. Would keeping the NTFS format prevent me from setting things up the way I want? I really want to run and load ALL my homebrew apps and games from the hard drive and nothing from the SD card.

    3) I want to be able to games i've imported from japan/PAL regions. From what I understand the Wii used to be region free, but recent updates have removed that functionality. Will a softmod restore this functionality? Does it just "work" or is there a per-game toggle option in the USBLoader?

    4) This kind of goes back to #2. The NTFS guide lists that by formatting the HD to NTFS, you cannot use NAND emulation, but doesn't really explain the impact this has. Is NAND emulation important for what I want to do, or is it strictly a hardcore homebrew app thing?

    5) Once its done, I want to "set it and forget it" really, and only update if theres a new game thats giving me trouble or needs a cIOS update to run properly. When I need to update, do I have to follow the whole process from step 1 again, or is there an easier way to update once the HBC is installed (similar to how it's super easy to update CFW on a PSP once you've already got one on there)?

    Thanks a lot.

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    wait a sec, need my climbing gear to scale that wall 'o text...

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    Yeah, i'm wordy. Old habits die hard

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    Wow that is a big ask!!!!!!! A mauifrog mod is quite simple I'm sure the bottom of the page deals with emulators. I never use them. But i'm sure you may hit trouble, at one of your quests, HBC don't like NTFS, I either use an sd card, or make a 2gb fat 32 partition and put necessary files apps etc: on it. As always read lots then make your choice, lol many ways to skin a cat.I use a500gb hdd Fat32 CFG & GX loaders for my grandchildren they can play games,watch films(CEplayer.WiiMc) watch BBC iplayer tv, through the wii saves them scratching originals.
    Once you have HBC Preloader installed, Mod updates are quite easy. If you are on cios d2xalpha7 you can play all. A little tweaking then save game settings and thats all folks.
    I see you like to write so i'm sure you like to READ READ READ, Enjoy your Wii

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    Thanks for the tips.

    So if I split the drive into an NTFS partition and a smaller FAT32 partition I can have the best of both worlds?

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    In general yes, but so far I've found that not all apps (emulators) are quite ready for good usb support. For example, i tried the latest release (1.1 "Honey") from Wii64 and couldn't get it to work, i ended finding an "unsupported" version (1.1.1) and that worked fine. For fceugx, it runs fine and picks up the games, but now i just found i have an error saving state that i need to troubleshoot.

    Edit: Just found out that my fat32 partition had become corrupt (not sure who to blame), after a reformat fceugx saves fine.
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    Thanks so much guys, that cleared up most of the big questions enough for me to be ready to get started and play around with it.


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