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Thread: Wanting to verify a cross platform question

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    Wanting to verify a cross platform question

    Is there any truth to being able to use the original xbox controller made by MSN on a pc for gaming I wanted to very back into my PC games but needed a controller instead of keyboard and mouse and a co worker said the original MS made xbox was usb and would work with drivers from their site just wanted to verify before starting a manhunt for one because all the game stores are carrying wireless now


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    Just googled it. Is this what they are referring to? Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows - PC, Game console

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    You mean the original wired xbox 360 controller right? lol, not the original xbox (xbox before the 360?). I've used a wired 360 controller perfectly fine with plenty of pc games. Some games even had a preloaded button configuration for the controller.

    Also, the wireless controllers work just need to find the pc adapter, although last i read about that is that the wireless controllers didn't work as good as the wired ones.
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    Sweet thanks and yes sorry I meant the 360 not xbox but with the link that narse1979 added those logitech ones look sweet also


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    well didn't know that nowadays mostly exclusive games offered their xbox controller but MSN ??

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    This thread has been inactive for nearly 2 years, please don't revive such old threads.


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