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Thread: letterbomb 4.3e

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    letterbomb 4.3e


    just looking at softmodding a wii and was wondering whether anyone has used the letterbomb mod ie is it safe enough to use or would i be better getting a hold of lego batman and modding the wii that way.

    hoping the letterbomb is a good exploit to use as would save having to source a copy of a lego wii game.

    hope to hear from use soon

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    Any exploit is safe... You need to take a look at the softmod guide on this forum and all will be answered!

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    Letterbomb is okay,

    Softmodded with Letterbomb 2 weeks ago using "Mod any Wii" tut from mauifrog. (on
    I was on 4.3 E originally, now playing all games without trouble.

    As for all tut/guides: Follow them them to the letter. Not sure? -> just ask!
    Take your time and never rush!



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