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Thread: [Rumor] EB Games $600 Wii U Pricing

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    [Rumor] EB Games $600 Wii U Pricing

    A number of reports have surfaced regarding the Nintendo Wii U being priced at $600.00 AUD (which we reported on back in June), while there is mass hysteria there is no reason to be worried about the price that EB Games has currently listed for the Wii U gaming console. Historically, Australians pay a premium on electronics, especially gaming consoles and accessories. For example, Sony Playstation 3′s are currently priced at approximately $450 at Electronic Botique department stores.
    Today I visited my local Electronics Boutique store and asked an employee what the reasoning behind the $600 price tag was, in response he claimed - “I’m not really sure but my manager believes the price will drop quite a bit before the Wii U comes out”.
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    For those interested, that's just over 600 USD and 455 Euros.
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    Yes Australians do pay higher prices, and it's because our population is only 21 million!
    Which compared to the U.S and Europe, isn't much at all.
    So it comes down to math. Lot more chance of selling your goods in Europe, and the U.S
    where the population is high, so they can afford to make the price a little cheaper.

    I predict by the time the Wii U is released, the price will probably be around $450-499 mark.
    Just a prediction of course, I'm probably totally wrong lol.

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    havent they always paid more than everyone else?
    Even the best fall down sometimes.

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