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Thread: Worried about something ... Read please.

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    Worried about something ... Read please.

    Hi, I was just reading through the forums and I found a word that said "Brick" so I searched it up on Google, and I found out it completely kills your Wii.

    I was just wondering is there a way to actually "Unbrick" your Wii, or do a system restore?

    Please reply ASAP, and can someone tell me if I have v4.3U on my BLUE LIMITED EDITION HORIZONTAL WII nothing would happen ?
    Also is Letterbomb suitable for the blue wii ?

    I am getting very woorried.

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    Read the sticky on avoiding bricks (it's at the top of this page). And you can recover from a brick. Some types more easily than others. As for LetterBomb, that will work just fine (assuming the blue Wiis come with SM 4.3, which I believe they do).. I recommend following the Softmod ANY Wii guide in the tutorials section of this site.
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    Yes you should be fine.

    I picked up three 4.3U Blue Limited Edition Wii's (blue, sideways, no gamecube support) and followed maufrog's guide successfully on all three. If you are worried, I would suggest reading through as many of the Recommended Guides as you can. I wish I had sooner. The more you read, the more you will understand what's going on, the less scary it is.


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