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Thread: HELP ME PLzzz I'll be your BF

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    HELP ME PLzzz I'll be your BF

    Softmodded my wii a week ago.......then I wanted to re-softmod because it did not play back today i go and buy a external hard drive from best buy so i can put all the game I have downloaded on to there and try to load/play them that way and I formatted my wii thinking I could re-softmod again and get what I need....My wii was 4.3u before softmod...After softmod it went to 4.1u and is still 4.1u after format!!

    P.S I all ready searched like crazy/read many ppl saying read the rules of softmodding before modding or updating/formatting

    One more P.S.....If allllllll goes to hell will buy another wii take that one out and put mines in therre done it 100's of time with other things....not tryin to be cocky but i kno how some ppl are

    THANK YOU....Nintendo wii rules !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by toby1978 View Post
    (Fail) Read the rules! We do not support (Piracy) here at Wiihacks!
    I agree!!!!

    /thread closed and moved this fail out to the newbie section


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