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Thread: How to burn my Wii games to USB to make them backups?

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    How to burn my Wii games to USB to make them backups?

    I have version 4.3u with the homebrew channel. I have the older drive that lets you read burned DVDs.

    I want to copy my Wii games to my USB somehow so I can run them off of the USB and put away my real copies of the games so I do not scratch or lose them. I know how to play burned copies on my wii, but I do not know hot to get the actual wii games i own onto the USB so i can put them on my computer as backups.

    I tried using the search feature but if you have used it before, you know it doesn't really do anything so I came in here to ask.
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    Hi pinkprincessinlove. Think back to when you introduced yourself to this site you had a warm welcome from one of our friendly mod's In that welcome pack there would have been links to most everything Wii. I guess you must be modded if you are playing disc backups.If you followed Mauifrogs Guide you should have a couple of USB loaders. Take a look here:
    Once you have read thes you should be all set to go.

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    Thank you very much sweetheart!


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