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Thread: FCE Ultra GX Question

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    FCE Ultra GX Question


    I was wondering whether or not FCE Ultra GX supports USB NES Controller.

    This is the NES USB Controller:

    Does anyone have an answer?


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    I think the real question is whether or not it would support any sort of USB controller at all. And I believe the answer to that is an unfortunate, 'no', it doesn't. I never heard of any sort of USB working with any wii emulation.

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    That stinks.

    But thanks anyway for the fast response.

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    actually, i just read the wiki page of gx, and it says 'improved usb and controller compatibility' in the changes history. whatever that means, i'm not sure. but i'm gonna test my usb controller to see if it actually works or not.

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    I tried with mine.

    Didn't work.

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    yeah it don't work. although it's just nes. wii remote and gamecube controller works just fine..

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