3DSExplorer can open 3DS files and view the information

Needs .NET Framework 4.0 get it here

CTR Rom files (CCI)
SaveRAM binaries (bin) (decrypted or encrypted)
Title meta data files (TMD),
CTR Importable Archives (CIA).
CTR Banners (BNR)
CTR Waves (CWAV)
CTR Graphics (CGFX)
Multi-Picture Objects (MPO) , (3D Images *new*)

Download 3DS Explorer v1.0
Source- 3dsexplorer - 3DSExplorer - C# 3DS files explorer - Google Project Hosting


Better late then ever...update to v1.0 so I can continue with the regular
version giving.
Added MPO support (3D Images taken by the 3ds camera)
3D Video Conversion tool to convert youtube 3d videos to 3DS-3D MJPG videos...
more bug fixes (as always)