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Thread: backup disc channel help please

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    backup disc channel help please

    hi guys just followed the excellent guide to softmod my 4.3e wii everything went (i think ok) got to chapter 3 the final step formatted card downloaded the apps file, extracted to the sd card, booted the wii but the only channels i get are normal disc channel... usbloader.... and the backup hbc channel but no backup disc channel and from what i understand i should have a few apps actually on the sd card but there isnt anything, checked on pc and there are files there
    also i have read other post where people have quite a few more channels that i am missing
    please help dying to get started to see if i have done it correctly
    cheers again lee.
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    You have already been asked to post this question in the appropriate thread.
    Which is probably the "softmod any wii" guide.
    Please don't start another thread on this topic. Thread closed.


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