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Thread: Apps lost after installing Homebrew Sorter

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    Apps lost after installing Homebrew Sorter

    I downloaded a bunch of apps and games through Homebrew browser today, one of which was Homebrew Sorter. I elected to uninstall it as I didn't like it and I was getting stack down errors all the time.

    Of the 80 or so apss, games, demo and utils, only 20 are showing up after uninstalling Homebrew Sorter. I can see the apps in the apps dir, but wonder if something else is corrupted? I don't relish the idea of having to wipe this card and re-download the apps I had wanted to keep... since some of them are configured to load media from my network drives and tat has taken some time to get right.

    Any thoughts or help on getting all my apps back on the standard HBC?


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    Ha. It looks like all the boot.dol files in the individual directories were renamed to boot.dol.bak. Fix is obvious.



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