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Thread: WTT flashed 360 for modded Wii

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    WTT flashed 360 for modded Wii

    I want to get a chipped or Wii. I have a 360 with flashed DVD drive to play backups that has just been sitting on the shelf for a couple years. I only have one controller and it's B button is broken, but all other accessories are included. This 360 does have HDMI. It IS however banned from xbox live, but still plays backups. Although you have to use the Activation disk for newer games.

    I'm a complete noob to the Wii modding scene, so I don't know the difference between the different chips or softmods or software, etc. I think I would prefer the chip vs softmod, but it's not a sticking point as long as everything works. Can the Wii still play games online?

    Anyway, I will provide a tracking number once shipped. Also I think it would be nice if we each sent each other some money (the same amount) through paypal, just as a security measure against fraud.

    Let me know if interested. Would like to get it ASAP. Dying to play the new Zelda.

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    I am located in SC USA by the way.

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    I'll give you a Wiikey Fusion modchip for your cables/accessories etc. I don't need the extra console though. Let me know. I'm also on the east coast.

    FYI, Skyward Sword is really good. So yeah, you are missing out
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