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Thread: WII Softmod.

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    Smile WII Softmod.

    Hi everybody!
    I am new to this forum
    I'd like to know, can i play Burned Games on a WII that is SoftModded?
    WII's version is 4.2E. And i have successfully softmodded it.
    And with what program do i write the discs? And how? And how do i write WBFS files?

    Thank you!

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    I use imgburn and burn the disc at 1x or 2x but some people have been able to burn them at a faster rate. You will need to convert the wbfs file to an iso file. Burning games takes up a lot of time and the loading time slows down so I would prefer usb loading, its a lot less painfull and it loads faster then burned games.
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    Hi NoobarEst and welcome to wiihacks.
    nealhenry is correct, use imgburn at x2 speed with Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden DVD-r's for disc backups, however.....

    later model wii's (roughly 2010 onward) were factory fitted with back-up resistant drives - so you wont be able to use burned discs.
    Trust me, USB loading really is the best way forward

    WBFS files; get wii backup manager to handle your game backups, it will write different formats as you require ie: copy in WBFS to FAT32 drive etc.
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    I bought the WII in 2008/2009 beginning. So i don't think there's a problem with the discs
    Gonna go and write a game, and see what happens.

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    And a problem occures
    I have sucsessfully burned MW3 and Driver: San Francisco.
    I started up both just fine, but when it comes to loading, it just freezes. Anyone know, why?

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    Your mod is probably outdated. Follow the Softmod ANY Wii guide in my sig. After that your games should run.


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