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Thread: Wii softmod stopped working.. Please help

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    Wii softmod stopped working.. Please help

    Hi everyone. I need some help softmodding my wii... again. I have softmodded 3 - 4 wii's and I can't seem to fix my problem

    My softmod worked fine for 2 years and all of a sudden it stopped. If a start any loader it would freeze (obviously a game would freeze too). No matter which guide I followed I couldn't get it working, so I decided to update the wii to reset the software. I am on v4.3e (that might have been stupid but I got annoyed after endless failures).

    I still have homebrew installed on my home screen and I can launch hackmii and wads through it but now when I start bootmii it gives me a black screen and freezes. I also still can't launch any loaders as it freezes the wii.

    I believe myself to be good with stuff like this and I never really struggle. This time I might need some help...

    If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this please help.

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    Do you have bootmii on your sd card
    I had this problem and then realized it wasn't there even though it was in my homebrew menu

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    Got it fixed

    After the update I mused the latest guide and re-softmodded the wii. Downgraded to version 4.2E again and everything is working .

    Dont know what went wrong but it is working now

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