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Thread: 4.2 re-mod

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    4.2 re-mod

    Ok so I modded a buddies 4.2 a while ago. Well somehow neogamma channel got deleted. Ive been trying to reinstall it but when i got to wad manager 1.5 it wont load ios249, it disconnects the controller and I have to reboot wii. When i go into multi mod manager it says the Wii is currently using ios36 v3551. I have tried to use MMM to switch it back to Ios249 but it says not loading stub ios. What can I do? Thanks....

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    ran a syscheck here is the log....

    sysCheck v2.01 by Double_A
    ...runs on ios36 [rev3351]

    region: ntsc-u
    system menu 4.2 u (v481)
    Hollywood v0x11

    Found 164 Titles
    Found 36 Ios on this console. 13 are stubs

    ios4 (rev65-288) : Stub
    ios9 (rev 778) : No patches
    ios10 (rev768): Stub
    ios11 (rev256): Stub
    ios12 (rev269) : No patches
    ios13 (rev273) No patches
    ios14 (rev520) No patches
    ios15 (rev523) No patches
    ios20 (rev256) stub
    ios21 (rev782) No patches
    ios22 (rev1037) No patches
    ios28 (rev 1559) No patches
    ios30 (rev2816) No patches
    ios31 (rev3349) No patches
    ios33 (rev 3091) NO patches
    ios34 (rev 3348) No patches
    ios35 (rev 3349) no patches
    ios36 (rev3351) No patches
    ios37 (rev3869) No patches
    ios38 (rev3867) No patches
    ios50 (rev5120) stub
    ios51 (rev4864) stub
    ios53 (rev5406) no patches
    ios55 (rev5406) no patches
    ios56 (rev5406) no patches
    ios57 (rev5661) no patches
    ios60 (rev6400) stub
    ios61 (rev 5405) no patches
    ios70 (rev6687) no patches
    ios222 (rev65280) stub
    ios223 (rev66280) stub
    ios250 (rev65535) Trucha bug,ES identify,NAND Access, USB 2.0
    ios254 (rev260) stub


    report generate 2011/12/10


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