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Thread: Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

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    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

    Softmod/Hack almost ANY Wii v13 3/30/2013
    New wiis, old wiis, virgin wiis or your favorite slutty wii.
    Korean wiis, Japanese wiis, even those Exotic black, red and blue wiis

    It has no SD support, as such, there is presently no known way to hack this console.
    For softmodding purposes, the Wii Mini is to be avoided.

    To be clear this guide is for WII NOT WiiU.


    Softmoding can brick your wii, this is very very unlikely. Accept this fact or stop now.
    Works with 3.0-4.3u/e/j/k

    Compatible with hardmoded Wiis and softmoded Wiis. Softmoded Wiis, just follow the guide, don't delete anything. This guide will overwrite your old softmod!

    NOTE: This guide now has complete support for the motion plus TR remotes!
    If your Wii Remote was purchased after November 2011, there is a chance that it may not be compatible with all Homebrew applications. Apps that were compiled prior to March 2012 are not compatible with these remotes.
    This guide includes all the latest apps, making it 100% compatible!

    This Guide uses some terminology that you may not be familiar with as of yet. For those of you that wish to just dive right in, we have tried our best to make it as noob friendly as possible. For those of you who like to understand things a bit better first, take a read of BluPhant's Thinking about hacking a Wii? Start here! [A basic Introduction to Wii hacking]. It will give you a greater understanding of what you are about to do to your Wii, along with a bunch of other great info. Happy Modding!

    Never Ever Ever Update Your Wii From Nintendo

    Spoiler Alert: This guide uses many spoilers. You must click on the spoiler to open it.

    I am a spoiler- Click me please

    Downloading Files

    Cios FAQ- What this mod installs

    Update any existing softmod

    Update History

    Chapter 1-Installing The HomeBrew Channel and Bootmii

    Read the guide at least 3 times - don't take the chance on forgetting a step!
    Have 350 free blocks of nand space
    Remove all GC controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices
    Don't lose power

    Format SD-CARD to FAT32
    Use a standard SD-Card, 1-2g (SanDisk is good)
    If you have any issue, try to format with this format tool
    If needed, use 7-zip to extract archive files.

    Part 1- Launch Hackmii Installer
    As of hackmii 1.1.0, ios58 will be installed prior to hbc install for all wiis 4.2 and less.
    Below you will find many methods for loading the hackmii installer. Bannerbomb is best and is supported on 3.0-4.2 wiis.
    Choose the method compatible with your wii.

    Softmods with HOMEBREW CHANNEL installed

    3.0-4.1 Bannerbomb v1

    4.0-4.2- Bannerbomb v2

    4.3- LetterBomb- No Game Disc Required

    Wilbrand Launcher - 4.3 System Menus

    4.3u/e/j/k Disc Exploits

    Other desperate options

    Part 2- Install The HomeBrew Channel and Bootmii
    Read the Scam warning and press 1
    It may take a minute or two for the "press 1" to appear- be patient
    Install the HomeBrew Channel
    Install Bootmii as Boot2(boot2 may not be available, IOS installs automatically)

    Prepare the SD-card
    If Step1 fails with error "no vulnerable ios",


    Part 3- Make A NAND Backup (NOT Optional, do this,)
    Load HBC, press -HOME-, launch Bootmii
    Make a nand backup
    Press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset (yes we are talking about the buttons on your Wii console itself, or you can use a GameCube controller. If using the buttons on your Wii, press them quickly, do not hold them down)
    Power = Right, Eject = Left, Reset = Select
    Once the backup is complete, exit bootmii to HBC
    Backup your Bootmii files to your PC
    If you want to load bootmii again at a later date, copy the bootmii folder back to sd:\

    Alternative to nand backup, if you can't make one now

    Congratulations, you now have the Homebrew Channel and bootmii installed. You have made your nand
    backup and are ready to move on the chapter 2. If you purchased a game to run these exploits, you may now sell
    it if you wish.

    Chapter 2- Hacking your wii
    Read this Chapter 3 times, or more.

    Format your SD Card
    Download Modpack Files
    Requires a standard SD card, 1-2g scandisk is best. SDHC cards may or may not work, a lot don't. If SDHC doesn't work, don't blame us. Go get an SD...
    Have 450 free blocks of nand space
    Read the guide at least 3 times.
    Remove all GC controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices.
    Don't lose power- Very important
    Password =

    Download the modpack:
    Extract the ModPack directly to your sd card.

    If you would like to update your Wii IOS:
    Download IOS
    (If you are on a System Menu version other than 4.3, you need this!)
    Extract the IOS Update directly to your sd card
    Overwrite files if asked

    If you would like to update the Wii Shop Channel-
    Download (If you have not updated this channel since Nov.2012, you need this! If you are unsure, it doesnt hurt to do it)
    Extract the file directly to the sd card. Overwrite files if asked

    If you correctly extracted all of the above, you should have this file structure on your sd card

    Verify Checksums -very important
    MAC users- you can use Free File Sharing Made Simple - MediaFire
    On your PC, navigate to your sd card
    Run sd:\md5summer.exe (this is run on your computer, not the Wii)
    Click "Verify Sums", Select "ModPack.md5"
    All check sums should verify without error (very important)

    [SIZE=3]If installing the IOS update: Click "Verify Sums" again, Verify IOS UPDATE.md5
    If installing the Shopping Channel v21 update: Click "Verify Sums" again, Verify RVL-Shopping-v21.md5

    All Checksums should verify without issue. Errors = Bad News, so try again

    Part 1- Wad Installs

    Users with a System Menu version of 3.1 or less MUST LOOK HERE!!!!

    This guide now uses WiiMod to install the required files to your Wii.
    !!!WARNING!!! - WiiMod is a very advanced application. Follow the instructions EXACTLY as written. Messing with options in WiiMod without know exactly what you are doing COULD BRICK YOUR WII. You have been warned!!!!

    -Power on your Wii and insert your sd card. Or insert your SD card and power on your Wii. Either way, as long as your SD card is inserted and your Wii is on, that is what is important.

    -Launch the Homebrew Channel, then launch Wiimod.
    -Use the d-Pad on your Wii remote to scroll down to Wad Manager.
    -Press A to select.
    -The contents of the wad folder on your sd card will appear.
    -Press 1 to batch install all wads. You will be prompted "Do you want to proceed?" Press A to proceed.
    -After completion, you may press any button to continue.

    NOTE: If a wad fails to install, try to install that wad again. If the wad still fails, press B until you are back at the main menu.
    DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL ALL WADS INSTALL. Many times the reason for wads failing to install is that people have failed to correctly run the MD5 hash check as insisted upon above. The MD5 hash check verifies that the file downloaded correctly. If the wad is corrupt, download the pack again, and try again. DO NOT proceed if the wads will not install. If you still encounter errors, please post the specifics of your error here in this thread and someone will help you out as soon as they can! We want to help you hack your Wii, not brick your Wii!

    Note for Mac users:
    Mac users may get an error of 30+ wads installing and 30+ wads failing. There are only 30 wads in
    the modpack. This issue is caused by the Mac creating extra files and is not a problem.

    Be sure all 30 wads install, very important

    Do not proceed with error, 30 wads must install

    Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii
    Never Uninstall IOS, or SM you will brick your wii

    If you are updating the Shop Channel to v21 do this

    If updating your IOS, Select "IOS-Update" -Press A
    Press (1) to "Install all Wads" - Press A
    25 wads should install without error
    Be sure all 25 wads install, kinda important
    IOS are only used by channels and discs loaded from the disc channel.
    "Press any button to continue"

    Downgrade to/Upgrade to/Install System Menu v4.1 (Optional, but Recommended!!)

    Help, I cant get the wads to install!

    Part 2- Install Priiloader (brick protection, you need this)

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are currently on System Menu version 3.4, or 3.1 or less, Priiloader will not work. In this case, you should immediately go back and complete the 4.1 upgrade instructions located directly above. As stated, Priiloader is important, you need it!

    Normally we do not recommend installing a beta, however Priiloader is a must have for any modded Wii! Since 0.7 is not compatible with the TR motion plus remotes, we have decided to include 0.8 beta 4 for those who do not have access to an older Wii remote. If possible, we recommend installing 0.7. If you have a TR remote and do not have access to a non-TR remote, install 0.8 beta 4.
    Installation instructions are the same for both versions.

    How can I tell if I have a TR remote?

    You should be in the Homebrew Channel
    Launch Priiloader (the first one is 0.7, the second 0.8 beta 4)
    Priiloader Installer will load
    Read the warning-
    Press +/A to install
    When finished the HBC should load.
    Hold reset on the wii console, keep holding reset - priiloader will load
    ****If the wii freezes, hold the power down for 10sec.****
    ****Only install priiloader once, you need to hold reset to load priiloader****

    Select "System Menu Hacks"- Press A
    Enable any hacks you like. We suggest-
    "Block Disk Updates", "Block Online Updates", "Remove
    Diagnostic Disc Check
    ", "Move Disc Channel"
    If you don't know what the hack does - you don't need it!!!
    Select Save settings -Press A
    Press B to go back to the main priiloader screen

    Your wii should now block Disk updates and online updates, you can move the disc channel and if you like autoboot a usbloader.
    NEVER UPDATE YOUR WII FROM NINTENDO- read the forum and do it yourself
    Optional priiloader settings-
    You can set you wii to boot the system menu, HomeBrew Channel, Priiloader, USBloader, and any other app you wish. Settings are found in priiloader, settings. Set the "autoboot" and "return to" to what you like best.
    Example: Set the autoboot and return to installed file, now your wii will autoboot to your USBloader - Excellent option for those with kids.

    For a detailed guide on how to use Priiloader, look HERE.

    Chapter 3- The Final Step
    Don't forget to do this
    Format your sd-card, one last time
    Extract (App Pack v5) directly to your sd card. This contains all the apps you will need.

    Boot your wii to the system menu. You will see the following channels installed (none of which will work by the way if you didn't extract this app pack to your sd card):

    USB Loader GX - This is a forwarder to Usb Loader GX r1209 which is now on your SD card. Source HERE.
    CFG Loader - This is a forwarder to Configurable USB Loader MOD r51 which is now on your SD card. Source HERE.
    WiiFlow - This is a forwarder to WiiFlow v4.1, a usb loader, which is now on your SD card. Source HERE.
    Neogamma - This is a forwarder to Neogamma R9 Beta 56. It is primarily used to load backups from disc, however it also supports loading from SD/USB. Source HERE, WiiHacks Guide HERE.
    Note Regarding Neogamma: This app is NOT compatible with the newer TR Remotes. If your Wii can play backups from disc AND you have a TR motion plus remote, we suggest the following: Prior to launching Neogamma have your TR remote as player 1 and activate a non-TR remote as player 2. In this way you can navigate the Neogamma menu with the player 2 remote. After launching a game you can use your player 1 remote without issue.

    Backup HBC- You will see a channel with black water, labeled backup HBC. When you load it, HBC 1.03 is loaded. This is installed as a backup means to run homebrew should you ever need it. You should not use it unless you need to. Don't uninstall this wad, title "MAUI". Keep it on your wii or save it onto your sd card. You can move it to the far far right of the channel menu or back it up to your pc. You never know, someday you may need it.

    We have provided you with multiple apps to load your games. The staff here at WiiHacks all have our own preferred loaders. It is our goal to give you all of these in the hopes that you will find the one (or two or three etc) that you like best.

    WiiMC is a great way to turn your Wii into an all-in-one media player. This app is included in the latest app pack and can be accessed via the Homebrew Channel. If you would like to add a forwarder channel (in order to run it from the main Wii menu) download THIS and extract it directly to your sd card. Launch the Homebrew Channel and run "WiiMC Channel Installer". Source HERE, WiiHacks Guide HERE.

    Another great app included in the latest app pack is the Homebrew Browser. It allows you to download a lot of fun and useful Homebrew apps, games, and utilities. It may take a few minutes for it to load the first time you run it, as it has to download and cache a big list of homebrew apps. Be is worth it. Source HERE.

    If you would like, you can move channels by holding B, then pressing A and dragging them where you wish. You can do this with the disc channel if you enabled the priiloader hack.

    Now you have some useful apps on your sd-card, you are ready to play. Have fun! There are many many many more apps for you to try. All apps in this guide install to the sd-card, or optionally you can install them to your fat32 usb drive. Apps should be installed like this: sd OR usb:\apps\app name\boot.dol ,otherwise they don't work.

    Loading From Disc-
    If you have a Wii purchased after mid to late 2009 it will not be able to read backup discs. Backup discs must be loaded from a disc loader, such as Neogamma. They will not work from the disc channel unless you have installed Darkcorp.

    GC backups can be loaded from the disc channel without issue if your drive reads burned dvds. Be sure to burn your dvds good and propper. Burn them with ImgBurn, slowly 1-4x, set the "Layer Break" to 2084960 for dual layer games, on verbatim dvd -r. Other discs may work, but these are considered the best.

    Loading From USB-
    Loading from USB is the best option, and is compatible with all Wiis. It requires a compatible USB hdd. Check out our compatibility list HERE.
    For USB loading you can use FAT32, NTFS, or WBFS file systems. FAT32 is what we recommend. Check out our FAT32 guide HERE.
    Please note that your USB HDD must be plugged into the USB port closest to the edge of the Wii in order to work properly.

    Warning: It is illegal to obtain/distribute backups of games you do not own. WiiHacks does not support or promote software piracy. Play fair.
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    Guide: Softmod ANY Wii

    This is an excellent guide, I hope you all enjoy it.
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    WFT mauifrog?

    FAQ- draft

    Does this work On all wiis? Yes
    Does this work on Korean wiis? Yes
    Does this work on My wii? Yes, yes, yes, it works on all wiis.

    What is BB1 & BB2?
    BB1 & BB2 is Bannerbomb 1 and Bannerbomb 2. Bannerbomb 1 is compatible with SM 3.0-4.1. Bannerbomb 2 is compatible with SM 4.0-4.2. For more info, read bannerbomb

    What is Homebrew Channel, Bootmii, DVDx?
    The Homebrew channel is used to launch homebrew apps. DVDx provides dvd read support for the wii, and bootmii is required brick protection. Read for more info.

    Why do Korean wiis have to install ios15, 34, 36, 61 prior to using your guide?
    Korean wiis lacks many common ios, and will get a "No Vulnerable Ios" error when installing the Homebrew Channel. Installing Ios34 allows the HBC to install. Install iso61 allows the HBC to use ios 61 and prevent inverted screen during the ios patching. Ios 15 and ios 36 are required for the traditional tbr install to work.

    Why did you choose to install the trucha patched ios36 into ios236?
    Ios 236 was used to provide an alternative to ios249. Since cIOS57 -r19 was used as our ios249, some apps will give error, such as older wadmanagers. Ios 236 can be used instead to install wads and such. Wadmanger 1.7 now supports cIOS57, and other trouble apps should follow suite when updated. (maybe)

    Your guide says I can region change my wii?
    Yes you can
    Even Korean wiis? Yes

    Why do I need to upgrade to 4.1?
    4.1 is currently the sm of choice, it does everything you could want. 3.2 and 4.2 are also acceptalbe sm, which is fully supported by priiloader. Anything else is unacceptl and should not be used. So to make things simple, just upgrade to 4.1, unless you know you don't want to.

    Why do you use dop-mii? Why not Waninkoko's 4.1 updater?
    This is simple, Waninkoko's updater will easily brick a wii that does not have the proper ios installed. Dop-mii is smart and checks to ensure to the proper ios is installed prior to installing a system menu.

    Why do you patch ios38, 53, 55?
    These are very common ios to use with games. Having the ios patched allows it to read fakesigned data. Say custom game disks, and such. It also provides an extra method of brick protection by having those ios patched.

    Why do you install ios16, cIOS30, cIOS36, cIOS50, cIOS60, and cIOS70?
    This also provides extra brick protection by removing stubs and replacing with patched ios. These ios, when installed prevent commom bricks caused by ios stubs. These ios have the version # set to 54321, this prevents a Nintendo update from removing them. The cIOS are taken from cIOSCORP 3.6, and will allow a recovery disk to run without installing a modchip. Ios16 enables the Pink Fish disk to run if needed, which can do a few useful things. cIOS30, when installed prevents lu64 wii from bricking if they install 3.2, if cIOS30 is not removed in the process. cIOS50 prevents the stupid upgrade downgrade brick, same with cIOS60. cIOS70 prevent the 003 error found on the Korean wii. Version was changed to 54321 do discurage their uninstallation.

    What is Indiana PWNs, and why do I need it?
    Indiana PWNS allows you to run an app when playing the Lego Indiana Jones Game. It is a simple savegame file, which can be useful to recover from certian bricks. You should install it, there is no reason not to.

    Why do I need bootmii and priiloader?
    Because you do, just install them. Bootmii is only good for recovery on older boot2 wiis, and it does not block updates. You need priiloader to block updates, this is very important. It also provideds very simple recovery from certian bricks.

    Why so much brick protection?
    I think it is good to have redundant options. Know one should ever need to uses any of this. We all know what not to do, but unfortunatly people do really stuppid stuff every day. So this gives you all the options. So if you do do something stupid, you should have every possible method of recovery available. If one fails, you have another.
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    Nice guide!

    Install the Wii Backup Disk to USB or Burn it to disk good and proper
    Also does this suggest you can use the wii backup disk from USB or am I reading that wrong ? How would that work?

    I assume you would still need an autobooting modchip when using it to recover right?
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    Damn I suck!!!!

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    Very Nice... lot of extra info i just did 5d

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    fixed the link, and yes it can be run from usb or disk using neogamma loader- from HBC.

    You would need a chip or a little corp to run it from recovery menu.
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    Why not just use Dop-mii to restore the trucha bug?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zxm View Post
    Why not just use Dop-mii to restore the trucha bug?
    Because then the guide would have to be different for 4.2 and 4.1 wiis. Using TBR 1.2 adds a version check patch to ios36, removing the need to delete any stubbed ios files. So the process is the same, regardless of the system menu or stubs.

    Also, TBR is loaded via cboot2 removing the need to downgrade ios15 and then later restore it.
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    Top notch mauifrog. An excellent all-in-one guide. Easy to follow and understand.

    If I've helped please click the THANKS tab!

    Ciosx rev19 base ios57, Hermes v5, Wiimc on 202, Neogamma R9b8

    Never, ever, argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

    dogeggs 3.1-4.1/Shadowsonics 4.2/Error Index/SysCheck 1.61

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    Sweet! Nice guide. I'm going to try it out hopefully next week when I get my next victum... I mean wii.

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