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Thread: wii remote problems

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    wii remote problems

    Hi folks I need a little help and hope some kind person can prevail lol I decided to update my working 3.2e twighlight wii as I was having some issues with a few games. I followed the guide from and after all was complete my wii remote refused to sync, I tried unplugging my usb drive and the wii remote worked, I could then plug the usb drive in again and access it. Now I could continue to do this, but there are two issues that arise 1st it's a pain lol but 2nd and more improtantly there are obvious issues with my wii and I am concerned the problems may be much deeper than the wii remote. Any help gratefully accepted. Regards.

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    Ok not having much luck here folks, I guess my only option is to re-mod my wii again and hope it survives.

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    Me again, sorry lol ok remodded using modmii now the remotes working again, but the usb drives not recognised now and the usb channel reboots the wii as it's loading, on top of that the millionaire game only loads a black screen lol any further advice much appreciated.

    I just realised I had configured the usb drive in modmii to format fat32 and the drive is wbfs, thats why it's not recognised! how do I rectify that issue ?
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    This would depend on how you are using your HD.
    If you are putting all your app folders and games on the same HD then you will need to partition it into 2 sections. One would be FAT32 for all you app folders and the 2nd section would NTFS for the games. Wii back up manager will make a WBFS folder for the games.
    The FAT32 section wouldn't need to be that big, it would depend on how many apps you are running, anywhere from 4 to 8 gigs should be good.
    Personally I just use an 8 gig SD card for all my apps and have a 1TB HD formatted to NTFS for all the games...

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    Quote Originally Posted by x_tracer_x View Post
    If you are putting all your app folders and games on the same HD then you will need to partition it into 2 sections.
    That isn't entirely accurate. Yes your drive must be formatted to fat32 to load homebrew apps, but you do not need a second partition to load games from. Everything can run from a single fat32 partition.

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    Is there some way to change the HD cnfig to wbfs ?

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    Happy to report all is now fine again with my wii.


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