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Thread: New Xbox 360 Dashboard Release

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    New Xbox 360 Dashboard Release

    This new dashboard brings a complete new user-interface (UI) along with some very interesting elements that add some pizzazz to the metro-style. Everything from the direction of category transitions, to the utter style of the dash has been changed, and in my expert opinion it is for the better. With the release of the last dashboard update people found themselves feeling dissatisfied with the bland UI. Nothing was really new, special, or even different besides the color. In reality, it was just an eye sore. I do feel that Microsoft (MS) has redeemed themselves with this dash and I am happy to explore it's features with my fellow sinners.

    New and Improved UI
    The user interface for the new dashboard is completely different from the old style. The new 'metro-style' dash appeals to aesthetics just as much as it appeals to functionality. Everything is laid out nicely and is just simple. Instead of the hubs (categories) going back into the abyss they are now positioned side by side. When hover over, the hubs open up a list of sub categories that includes a store, the most recently used item that fits into the category, and also the most popular item among the community. Adds fill up the empty space to make it all flow neatly. In conjunction with the new style of the dash, many third-party apps have followed in the example of the UI and have redesigned their apps to match. These include Netflix, Zune, ESPN, etc. I must say, I am an avid Netflix user and I LOVE the update. Everything is larger so it is easy to read for those who are far-sighted, and is all around more aesthetically pleasing. The loading screens are cleaner, the design is more abstract and original, but it still manages to keep it's simplicity. All around the UI is phenomenal.

    New Features:

    This records how many times you play each game or app and then organized the most played seven into ascending order for easy access

    Search engine

    Microsoft added some new motions and movements to the avatars arsenal. The beacons are similar to status updates on Facebook. The updates are posted to your profile, under your Gamertag, and also onto your Facebook if so desired

    Online Storage
    Cloud storage for Gold members on Xbox Live

    Source- betanews/se7ensins

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    Pretty cool new dash. But the new lt 3.0 will be better.

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    i like it. but i was just getting used to the one they updated not so long ago. Sometimes simplicity works best.


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