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Thread: Acekard 3DS 3.0.3-5 Fix

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    Acekard 3DS 3.0.3-5 Fix

    This update support the latest 3DS 3.0 and DSi 1.4.3. Please select the update file according to your console. Please read the readme file in the package before you update your AK2i.

    [SPOILER="Updating Instructions"]Please choose update file according to your console. If you're using DSi or DSXL or 3DS please use ak2ifw_update_3ds30_DSi143_onDSi_and_DSXL_and3DS.n ds to update. If you're using DSL or DSPhat please use ak2ifw_update_3ds30_DSi143_onDSL.nds to update.

    Just follow this instructions after you run the update file.

    1. Copy the correct update file to the root of your MicroSD card.
    2. If you're using ak2ifw_update_3ds30_DSi143_onDSL.nds on your DSphat or DSL, please eject your AK2i and reinsert it after the update program is running. Then press B, then press START key to finish update.
    3. If you're using ak2ifw_update_3ds30_DSi143_onDSi_and_DSXL_and3DS.n ds on your DSi or DSXL or 3DS, please press START key to finish update.

    This update file DO NOT support AK2i which HWID is '44' temporarily. You can find your HWID of AK2i by selecting "help" after pressing START in AK2i menu. AK2i which HWID is '44' only exsit in the cards sold before Feb. 2009.[/SPOILER]

    Download from HERE
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