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Thread: Skylanders' 3DS portal on Wii: works fine?

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    Skylanders' 3DS portal on Wii: works fine?


    I've been reading some conflicting feedback on this.
    - Does 3DS Portal of Power actually work on a Wii?
    - does it need some special HW/cable to connect?
    - Are there some limitations (like number of characters simultaneously used, hiccups, etc)?

    Thanks for any detailed info.

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    Yes I have tested it and it works fine. You can still use 2 skylanders at a time as well, just have to put them on the edges. I have to do that anyway as my 3ds portal won`t work with the skylanders in the middle.

    Just use the usb cable thats included with the 3ds portal.

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    Yes indeed, had success with Wiiflow r417a4 and d2x-v7-final!
    Hard drive on one USB port, Portal on the other one.

    Really neat.

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    Doesn't work for me.
    I get the game to start, I plugged in HDD in one slot and 3DS portal in the other, doesn't recognize

    Update: When in the start menu of the wii the portal lights up, BUT, when going into a USB loader it shuts down and doesn't start again when starting either Giants or Spyros adventure.

    I have been away from the Wii-Scene for AGES, any link where I can go to get updated.
    Can I without problem just update my Wii to latest firmware via the Wii menu and still have backup-games playable?
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