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Thread: Question about updating Wii (4.2e)

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    Question about updating Wii (4.2e)

    Hi guys have a question that I was wondering if anyone could help. Anyway I have had mu Wii soft moded for a while now I use the Wii Uloader to play my back up games of originals. Some games mainly older ones will still let me load them direct from the Wii disc channel and save me having to go into the Uloader. Anyway I am on firmware 4.2e but some games which are original store bought ones like DK country Mario Galaxy and the new Zelda when I put them in the Wii disc channels says it wants to update so I still have to use the Uloader. If I update with one of the 3 mentioned games will it get rid of the Uloader? if it does I will just leave things as they are but I thought 4.2e was the latest update anyway.

    Also is there another alternative to Uloader it has been great never had an issue with it except for one game Mario Super Sluggers. When I put it in my Wii and fire up the Uloader it recognizes the game but when I click load Mario says lets play ball or whatever it is he says but then it just goes to black was wondering if there was a different loader out there.

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    You should follow the softmod any wii guide in my sig.. it will update all your cIOS and IOS and also give you some great apps and loaders for you to play with.

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