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Thread: a little advice on making a thread title please folks

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    a little advice on making a thread title please folks

    couple of questions, i did the softmod on my 4.2e but after doing it the version changed to 4.1e... is this usual?
    also, after installing the extra channels on homebrew, once i removed the sd i was left with just an empty homebrew channel :/

    any ideas?

    thanks in advance

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    1) yes
    2) You need things on the sd card or usb device to run from the hbc

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    i have searched around again for a way to put neogamma onto the main menu but dont seem to be able to find one. is this possible so i can leave the sd out?


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    the boot.dol file for a program like neogamma to run,must be on a SD card or formatted HDD to fat or ntfs.

    having it on the "main menu" is just a forwarder channel
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