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Thread: D2PRO6 + Wiisilon: I need to reboot the Wii

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    D2PRO6 + Wiisilon: I need to reboot the Wii


    Yesterday I installed a D2PRO6 with a wiisilon. The installation is not so bad, because I'm able to read backups. However, I have a problem : each time I eject a DVD, my DVD reader refuses to load another one (the DVD reader does not allow to insert the DVD - the DVD is blocked outside - like the DVD reader is physically blocked in position "eject" and does not come back to its original position). I need to reboot the Wii, then I hear a sound like the DVD reader reinitialising, and I can again insert a DVD. The problem is the same even when I insert only orginal DVDs.

    Someone already encouters this problem?

    Thanks to all

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    Please read this thread...

    Try a different ground point. I recommend the C point.

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    I Have instaled Wiisilon with wiikey 2 and i had the same probliem yesterday! today i cant read any SK Buckup, i dont now whats habend maybe the chip is not good or the way of Wiisilon is not good way to mod wii?
    plaese any axpirance answer.

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    try this out alt. g point, works every time..

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    i had this problem with a D2PRO and wii-clip.

    In my case was a isolation problem! Read:

    And see if the ribbon cable (if you installed) is not passing over any solder point in the board.

    For me now everything works fine!

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    daoho, i had the same problem when i opend my wii to check the chipset. i disconnected the ribbon cable & the power cable. put it all back together & the dvd drive kept working for about 20secs, stopped but wouldnt let me insert a game unless restarte dit.
    turns out, i hadnt put the ribbon cable back in nice & tight withthe clamp.
    worth a try to make sure.


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