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    Hi Guys,

    I'm relatively new to all of this home brew stuff. I recently LetterBombed my wii, all working ok with the homebrew channel and Configurable USB Loader (copied my game collection onto external HDD. Everything runs from my external HDD, however any attempt to run any WAD manager version (including YAWM) I get an error =-1, or =-2.

    The games run fine when I go through homebrew channel then to Configurable USB loader however Ideally I'd like to install WADs can you give me any tips to troubleshooting? Not sure what information you'd need from me? As far as I'm aware it all runs off of USB:/ as I can run my game backups without the SD card inserted (USB Loader is on the USB:/). Homebrew Channel version is 1.0.8 and below that I'm running IOS58 v24.32.

    Any ideas guys? Thanks in advanced (Also realised I've just posted in the wrong forum, its 8AM far too early for me! if this could be moved would be appreciated).
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