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Thread: No more heroes 2 wont get past logoscreen

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    No more heroes 2 wont get past logoscreen

    So, i tried running a backup No more heroes 2 on my hardmodded 3.1E wii, without success.
    I have never updated my IOS, and i didn't find the game in "the list of problematic games"

    Here is how i went about playing:
    Put in disk
    Disc is recognized by wii
    Logo is shown in the dvdboot window.
    Pressing to start the game.
    Boots into a black screen.

    I have the same problems when i try to run skyward sword, but i have no problems running Okami, or Warioland: The shake dimention.

    Any help is appreciated.
    - iCrmZn

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    You need to look harder. Try specsavers or google

    Check out the list of problematic games. You need to tell it to run with a certain file. use game.dol
    Check this out. Tells all ......
    Thanks is always nice.


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