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Thread: What can the Wii do?

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    What can the Wii do?

    Since i am considering buying a Wii Console for Christmas i would like to know what its capabilities are.

    a)First of all, i know there is a softmod for running backups. I would like to know, are there many different ways to do these? Can it be done with specific models, or other there hardware and software restrictions?

    b)Also I heard it plays Gamecube Games. Besides making a Backup of the original Disc and running it, can it run as an .iso directly via some homebrew, or is it completely necessary to burn a disc every time?
    BTW does it playback as well as the Gamecube does, or are there compatibility issues and conflicts like there with emulators (Dolphin eg). I mean does it provide native support for GC Games or they run in some kind of emulated environment?

    c)Does it offer emulators for other Nintendo Systems? N64 preferably, is what i am interested in!

    Guys i would really appreciate your input, since this is going to directly influence whether i'm going to purchase it or not. I would want to know what my limits are before i do!

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    Thanx for your advice, i introduced myself there, and transferred my questions as well


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